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"and made Himself of no reputation..." -Phil 2:7 [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Joe, Josh, James, Andy, Adam

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surprise, surprise, its a post!! [Mar. 22nd, 2005|02:55 pm]
Joe, Josh, James, Andy, Adam
[mood |soresore]
[music |The Album Leaf - Over The Pond]

Well break was a great time for me. There were some really cool things that I got to do. But by far the best thing I did over break (and maybe my whole entire life) was getting tickets to U2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am seeing them on December 14th in St. Louis. So pretty much on December 15th I could die a happy man. This weekend I am walking 40 miles for my missions trip. It is going to be amazing!!! I will let you all know how it goes. It seems as though I will be cutting my hair on April 1st, pictures will come shortly after the cut. I love all of you and wish I was closer to all of you.

God bless,
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MADAGASCAR MISSIONS!!!! [Mar. 10th, 2005|02:59 pm]
Joe, Josh, James, Andy, Adam
[mood |jubilantjubilant]
[music |U2- City of blinding lights]

I am doing a number of fundraisers for my missions trip to Madagascar this summer.  I need to raise $3,200 altogether.  I am going to inform all of you about two fundrasiers I am doing.

1. Oklahoma Pan-A-Walk
Me and my team are going to walk across the panhandle of Oklahoma on Easter weekend.  It is around 40 miles, and we are going to spread it out over two days.  We are asking for people to support us for ever mile that we walk.  I need more supporters for this fundraiser because it is going to cost money to get to the panhandle and eat while the team is there.  If anyone would like to support me (10 cents a mile, 25, $1..?) please either post a comment or e-mail me at: theguitfiddlekid@hotmail.com just let me know your phone number and amount per mile.  I will not collect this money untill I have walked the panhandle entirely.  I will also be carrying around a sign-up sheet for the walk pretty much where ever I go.

2. Save it! or Style it!
I am willing to either save or style (with a mullet, like vanilla ice, like a grandpa, or completely bald) my hair for my trip!  I already have made a good amount of money on this one.  So i am not too worried about this one.  So I would say support the walk over this one, but still you don't want your voice to not be heard.  Find me I will be wearing some buckets to collect donations and votes.

Most of all i need your prayers!!! I can't wait to come home to Michigan!!  Thanks to everyone for your support.

God bless,
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(no subject) [Jan. 29th, 2005|04:56 pm]
Joe, Josh, James, Andy, Adam
[mood |creativefamily time.....w/ L & C]
[music |The Fight Song - The Appleseed Cast]

So Yestday I come out of the dorms and.....................................

Snow...I freaked out it was one of the best days ever.

I got to go sledding and all that good stuff.  I also went to meatfest IX.  I ate more meat last night then I have during all my time at ORU.  Me and Joe have offically started a band down here in Tulsa.  We have practiced 5 or so times, more details to come.  Have some fun in whatever weather you are having.

God bless,


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So very grateful!! [Jan. 10th, 2005|04:58 pm]
Joe, Josh, James, Andy, Adam
[mood |gratefulgrateful]
[music |Square Hips - Javelins]

I just got off the flippin' longest monday of my life! Six classes, it feels like high school all over agian! But it shall keep me on my toes and relying on God. It have been over a week since our last show and i am still on such a high from it. I am soo thankful to everyone who came out to hear our, or our friend's music. It was such a blessing to meet so many awesome people. I was just floored at the positive feedback we recieved it really means the world to me that you all enjoyed us. I was so amazed that people actually showed up, but then they enjoyed the show. That is what is the best part.

so to make things short: Thanks x1,000,000,000 to everyone who came to the show over a week ago. It was most enjoyable for me and the entire band. I love you all very much.

God bless,
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SHOWTIME!!!! [Dec. 31st, 2004|05:55 pm]
Joe, Josh, James, Andy, Adam
[mood |giddygiddy]
[music |DAVE Bennet- The Last Broadcast]

This show is sure to bring the the new year with a bang, complete with chills, thrills, and maybe new songs.  Be there!!!

God Bless,  


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(no subject) [Dec. 7th, 2004|01:19 am]
Joe, Josh, James, Andy, Adam
[music |Anathallo]

I am so proud of Josh, and I can't wait to see what God is going to do in his life in Madagascar. Mike Hardin (his TL) is an amazing guy and it has been such a pleasure to be on staff with him this year. So in reading Josh's post, I totally forgot to tell everyone something important that happened in my life.

I wasn't able to go on a missions trip this summer, because my sister Amy was getting married May 21st, which cuts into even 2 week trips. I really wanted to be a team leader, and Dennis (the Director of Missions) said that if it wasn't for my sisters wedding, he would totally want me to be a team leader. So I get this call from my sister one day and shes says that she's changing her wedding date to next October, and she wanted me to know before anyone in our family so that if there was a chance for me to go on a trip, that I could take do it. So I went into Dennis' office and was like, "Hey Dennis, I just wanted you to know that if any leadership opportunities open up, let me know because my sister changed her wedding date." He just pointed to the seat in his office, signifying for me to sit down. Then the first thing he says is "How about Italy?" I was pretty shocked. I had sort of brought the Team Leader of Italy to become a team leader. He was a friend of mine, John Foster, and I told him he was make a great TL. I came to find out that 10 minutes before I came in to talk to Dennis, John had come in to tell him that he felt called to not be a team leader anymore. So anyway, to make a long story short, they moved the ATL (assitant team leader) Colleen up to TL, and I came in as the ATL. Originally they offered me the TL position, but then I prayed about it and thought that I should be the ATL, and then when I came into the office Dennis said that they had prayed about it and moved Colleen up to TL and I would come in as ATL. Pretty sweet, huh?

So anyway, just thought you guys should know.

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I just kicked a final's boootay [Dec. 6th, 2004|09:00 am]
Joe, Josh, James, Andy, Adam
[mood |thirsty- brain fart]
[music |Never Leave A Job Half Done - Pedro The Lion]

What I am going to do this summer has been the key thought for me as of late. I have almost always gone on a missions trip during the summer. For about as long as i can remember i have gone on a missions trip with the exception of last year. I really have a desire to go on one this year. It is not just because i did not go last year. I really feel God's calling on me to get out and serve this summer. At first i really wanted to go with my youth group to Uganda. This would be really great but God was leading me otherwise. That was a good thing because I would have been to comfortable because i would be staying with my sister and her family who live in Uganda. In reality i would love to see my family in Uganda but i fear i would be distracted by my family and not be the servant that i could. The first week of school i was approached by a chaplin who lives on my floor on the east wing. He told me that he was going to lead a missions trip and he wanted me on his team. This guy didn't hardly know me but was convienced that i was supposted to go on his missions trip. Honestly, I didn't give it much thought. A while back here at oru there was a chapel focused around missions. This chapel really gave me a feel for what the missions department is all about at oru. The chapel really made me want to go on a trip with oru. So i procrastinated about deciding where i was going to go. So the presistant chaplin who had approached me before got placed with a team, location, and length. He was placed in Madagascar and for the amount of TWO MONTHS!!!! Two months....no way i can do that, but i found that me not be able to do it is the point. So over thanksgiving break i decided that i would make the desision. I told the chaplin, whose name is Mike, that i would know when i come back from break and he gave me his missions letter and told me to read it and let my parents do the same. So i read the letter in my dorm room the night before i left for thanksgiving break, and i couldn't get halfway through it without crying. God had given me a heart for the people Mike described in his letter and i knew at that moment that i had to go to Madacascar. So while i was at home i had a great talk with my brother and he really encouraged me to go for and for my brother's encouragement i am very grateful. So i got back to school and joined the team. I have never been so excited for a missions trip. The only thing i would have missed is cornerstone, but then i got the dates of the trip and we are done the day cornerstone starts... so i could possibally do both!!! We shall see how that works out.

So i need some help for this trip! I need everyone to pray for me!! This is the three times longer then any trip i have been on. This is more intense then anything I have ever done before. I need to raise a lot of money! I need some suggestions of how i can raise money, the more creative the better. If you think of a creative or non-creative way to raise money drop me a comment, please. And if anyone would like a support letter just leave your address on a comment or e-mail me with your address: theguitfiddlekid(a)hotmail.com. Thanks so much for you creative gold!!!


-Me and Joe had our first band practice in tulsa. We had alot of fun and things are looking really good, now all we need is a good fit for a bassist.

it is reported that:
jeff buckley is love
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God bless,
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hey a post! [Nov. 28th, 2004|05:52 pm]
Joe, Josh, James, Andy, Adam
Theres this one artist I have been listening to A LOT lately. Its an artist that all of us know, most well known for his love songs. However, I was listening to this was song, and the lyrics were so incredibly dark and well written that it caught me off guard. Some of you will know who this is right away, but don't spoil it for the rest of the class.

The sleepless nights, the daily fights
The quick toboggan, when you reach the heights
I miss the kisses, and I miss the bites
I wish I were in love again

The broken dates, the endless waits
The lovely loving, and the hateful hates
The conversation with the flying plates
I wish I were in love again

No more pain, no more strain
Now I'm sane, but I would rather be punch drunk

The pulled out fur of cat and cur
The fine mismating of a him and her
I've learned my lesson, but I wish I were
In love again

The furtive sigh, the blackened eye
The words: "I love you 'til the day I day"
The self deception that believes the lie
I wish I were in love again

When love congeals it soon reveals
The faint aroma of performing seals
The double-crossing of a pair of heals
I wish I were in love again

No, no more care. No, no despair
Now I'm all there (now), but I'd rather be punch drunk

Believe me sir, I much prefer
The classic battle, of a him and her
I don't like quiet, and I wish I were
In love again, in love again, in love again.

-Frank Sinatra

Yeah I know, Frank Sinatra. Can you believe it? Its funny because its such a lovely song. I was listening to it over at the Catalanos and I mentioned to them and Mrs. Catalano mentioned how Billy Holiday sang a lot of songs about her being in an abusing relationship, but their love keeps them together. Pretty sick. Of course, Frank Sinatra didn't write his own lyrics I'm sure. But, either way I thought it was funny. Lemme know what you think.

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Soon, white flakes shall fall unto the great Isle of the Scots [Nov. 26th, 2004|05:23 pm]
Joe, Josh, James, Andy, Adam
[mood |busybusy]
[music |smashing pumpkins..theyre some kind of something]

woah..i find myself posting. its been a while

hey guys, this is james posting, im sorry its been so long. I've been busy with, well everything, and the few times that i do make it to the internet, i can barely post on mine. I havent been up to too much. I've cursed myself with a senior year of hard work, but im getting through it. I have 2 AP math classes, physics, and an english class that is interesting, just going fast, we're on our 4th novel this semester. High school is still as fun as ever, from what i hear, all the guys are enjoying college, hope everyone is getting their sleep. I'm getting out for my christmas break in a few weeks, and this week is my thanksgiving break. so im enjoying the time off. Uh... grades are good, soccer was fun, hey i was nominated for homecoming court this year! and luck have it, i was homecoming king, so that was very exciting.

I just wanted to post to find out when everyone is coming home, if they are im sure, for christmas? Actually i wanted to tell you that we were given an offer to play in some kind of show that my friend is trying to put together for over the christmas break, so ill follow up on that later. Mostly, i want to see everyone again. its been too long, but let me know when you guys get off.

Hope everyone is doing well and staying healthy.

God Bless
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A classic image [Nov. 24th, 2004|05:53 pm]
Joe, Josh, James, Andy, Adam
[mood |contemplativecontemplative]
[music |Mae-Destination Beautiful]

lol i like signing on at random times and giving a little taste of the strange things i ponder late at night. I dont know, the whole posting regularly is weird. But yeah, good news! Im back in town for a few days and i get to see josh. I totally psyched about that. And Karl and Matt. But what i realy wanted to say was something about a night i had not to long ago. I was thinking about God. And at first i had the standard image of jesus in my head. Classic; robe, with arms outstretched. But i got to thinking. My God is a God of love, But my God is also a god of war! My image changed to this gigantic figure with a spear and battle maps out in front of him. The lyrics joe posted from the song "the masculine God song" spoke to me. My God is huge. So what if Micheal Jordan can dunk from the free throw line. God made a universe in 7 days. But what is God warring against? He is warring agaisnt addiction. Cause God isnt just a God of love and war, he is also a jealus God. He longs for your attention and praise. And addictions are a kind of love. Youre putting you in front of God. And we all know that it goes God, Famliy/friends, and then yourself. From the day you are born there is a struggle between God and the Devil for your soul. But though they are pulling at your spirit they arent pulling at your body. Whether you admit it or not, you are in full control of your physical self and are accountable for your actions. God is trying to pull you to his side but the Devil has many tools to work agaisnt him, because the only way for God to have you is to do what he wants. The Devil wants to distract you. Mass Media is one way. But God has a weapon. Once the spirit is in you, you can feel right and wrong. my God is a warring God. Whose side are you on?
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