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when in Rome, be cheesy with your livejournal titles - "and made Himself of no reputation..." -Phil 2:7 [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Joe, Josh, James, Andy, Adam

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when in Rome, be cheesy with your livejournal titles [May. 23rd, 2005|03:01 pm]
Joe, Josh, James, Andy, Adam
Hey everyone, Im in Rome right now. Crazy huh? Its so good to hear from Andy and from Josh. Seriously a day hasn't gone by where I haven't talked about them. Andy, I miss you so much, I talk about you all the time. I miss your clothes...I miss you musk...I think when this is all over you and I should get an apartment together (Anchorman). Aaaanyway. So I'll be in the MI from July 24th to August 7th, and then its back to ORU for RA training time. I miss you too Josh, but next year I'm going to live with you, so I'll just focus on others for now. Ive been telling all these crazy stories like about showering together and stuff, good times. Adam, I miss you a ton also. Im going to see star wars in 4 hours, but it doesnt feel right watching it without you and Karl. I want to resolve to call Andy, Adam, and Matt Williams far more than I have been. I'm sorry that I haven't guys, and being in Italy has really made me realize how much I need to be calling you and staying in touch.

Being the leader of a missions trip is so different from being a team member. Seriously, its only by Gods grace that I am able to do it. Its amazing that when God has called you to do something, he seriously does equip you. On our time we have had a problem with submission to authority that we dealt with directly this morning. Something that Colleen (the other team leader) mentioned was this story that I read in Under Cover by John Bevere. Lisa Bevere when John and she were first married really rose up to take charge and was really getting frustrated that she felt like she was doing everything. She was cooking, cleaning, and discipling that kids, and doing so many other things that should have been Johns job. She was complaining to God about it one day and God told her 'what is a burden for you is a mantel for John'. Since she was not the leader of the marriage, and yet she was making herself as such and not letting John lead, she was getting frustrated, because Gods annointing and grace was not upon her for that task. However, John was annointed to lead in that area, and for him it was a mantel, and Gods grace was abundent. The same is true for a missions trip. If you try and be the leader and take charge, you will get frustrated and angry every time, as we have seen on our trip. But if you submit to the leadership, Gods grace and annointing is upon them, and therefore it is easy for them to lead. Just some wisdom God through our way that is applicable for everyone, because no matter what we do, our entire lives we will be under leadership and therefore need to be in submissions to that leadership.

Ok, Im off to watch Star Wars, nothing else matters.

From: eto_norep_fan
2005-05-24 02:32 pm (UTC)


Hey joe. its been a long long time since we talked. i miss you alot. i'm glad the missions is goin good. i've been learnin alot lately and cant wait to see you again. i'll be prayin for you

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[User Picture]From: xscreamxmyxname
2005-05-24 07:28 pm (UTC)
then stinking call me.

its easier for you to get ahold of me then me to get ahold of you.

Call like after 9, I should be practicing with my new band hopefully up to 3 times a week...

so try on tuesdays and thursdays and the weekend.

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[User Picture]From: talkin2therain
2005-05-27 04:58 pm (UTC)

Hey buddy! How have you been? Are you back from college for a little while... i feel a show commin' on.. hee hee

well hope things are goin great
love ya
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[User Picture]From: noreputation
2005-06-01 09:46 pm (UTC)


JOE! ANDY! JOSH! JAMES! I am so relieved to know how well you all have been doing and pray daily for the blessings to continue to roll in. At first i was dismayed that you guys wouldnt be around this summer, but God has so many bigger things he needs you all to do that i am inadvertantly blessed by knowing such amazing spriritual leaders as yourselves. I dont think i say this enough but i love you guys and i am very proud of the direction you all are taking. Please please call me and let me know how you are doing and maybe we can work out a day that we can get together and get like 5 hot and ready's just so we can laugh about how we can only eat 2. lol Oh and rock out. God bless and for everyone else i havent seen this summer, nothing but love.

Love And Peace,
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